Monday, May 5, 2008

The Laoag City Scandal

The parents of the minor-age couple caught making love inside a movie theater in Laoag City have met up last Saturday and are forcing them to marry each other to save their families' honor or not see each other again.
After recovering from disbelief that the two were engaging in casual sex, the parents scolded them.
The boy is 18-years-old and the girl is still 17. They were unnamed in all reports but texting did what the news sources can't do.
The couple were caught by a security guard of a theater with their pants down.
The guard known by his initials as G.P. reported the two to the police because he said that they "scandalized" him.
He said that they the last aisle of the balcony was already quaking. G,P. then turned on his flashlight and found the two in an compromising position.
G.P. said that he would have let the incident go but the boy told him they were not doing anything wrong.

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The Nashman said...

gad, i want to see people who are still scandalized by sex...